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Hero’s comeback!

Naruto asks


1) favorite village
2) favorite kage
3) which villain would you most like to fight
4) favorite chunin exam fight
5) how would you have cheated during the chunin exams
6) byakugan, sharingan, or rinnegan
7) which battle was your favorite
8) favorite female ninja’s outfit
9) favorite male ninja’s outfit
10) favorite ninja’s hair
11) how would you wear your headband
12) what would your ninjutsu be
13) what ninjas would you want as your teammates
14) which opening is your favorite
15) which closing is your favorite
16) how long have you been into naruto
17) do you mostly watch or read naruto
18) favorite character
19) least favorite character
20) do you own any naruto merch
21) in the akatsuki what color would you paint your nails
22) who would you want your partner to be in the akatsuki
23) have you ever played any of the naruto video games
24) weapon of choice
25) favorite clan
26) favorite uchiha
27) what animal would you summon
28) favorite filler episode
29) favorite arc
30) otp
31) brotp
32) favorite non-human character
33) favorite bijuu
34) favorite jinchuriki
35) what ninja occupation would you choose

List of favorite anime characters
3/???: Terumi Mei (Naruto Shippuden)


                     "This will be my last jutsu" 


"If there's such thing as peace, I will find it. I won't give up!"


Oh another naruto sketches 8)